One Package, One Language, One Mailing Point
Across Many Multinational Markets Can Work

I get somewhat irritated when I read the self righteous wisdom of relative newcomers to international DM who preach the importance of “taking cultural differences into account” when mailing internationally.

Of course – when mailing substantial quantities into France, Germany or Japan you must use local language and address local issues. But there are 196 countries. Why focus on just a few large, tough, competitive markets? There are less offers competing for attention in smaller markets – and the mail there tends to be delivered with more certainty.

I remember receiving twelve orders once from New Caledonia in the Pacific from a multinational DM campaign. This surprised me because that country hadn’t been geo selected. On inspection we found that 3 packages had been mailed there (by mistake) and the twelve orders had been generated using photocopied order forms (a 400% response rate!). Yes, I purchased the telephone directory because there were no local lists – just a few names here and there from New Caledonia on the regional and multinational responder lists. We did well on the telephone book for about a year!

Only 2 Pieces of DM a Day Compared with 157 Emails

Tom Fati, Manager, Direct Mail and Periodicals at the USPS. put a succinct case for direct mail recently: “The average U.S. household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day compared with 157 emails. Mail lets you incorporate coupons, reply cards, URLs and other response mechanisms. You can tell customers the complete story not limited to a 30-second sound bite”.

He's right - but of course he's paid to say what he says. These days you have to work out how to most effectively integrate traditional with new media reaching your prospect through as many channels as possible. It's called connecting directly with your target audience - and achieving “maximum visibility” at the same time...

MLA are Specialists in the Brokerage of
Asia-Pacific and Multinational Lists
- and in DM Print and Production
for Regional and International Mailers
  MLA has had 30 years experience reviewing response from a wide range
of campaigns, and evaluating comparative list performance by
offer and by
country in the
Asia-Pacific region and multinationally.
MLA has specialist knowledge of multinational lists reaching smaller markets around the world which frequently deliver 200% - 300%
lifts in response
rate compared with larger, developed markets.
Whether you're a cross-border multinational mailer, an Asia-based regional mailer or a U.S. mailer injecting back into the U.S. domestic market, MLA can help you cut your print, laser personalization and lettershopping costs.  
MLA Does Not Accept or Handle Lottery, Prize Draw, Sweeps or "Esoteric" Offers